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Let’s create a new GMAIL account

All of us have heard Youtube, Google Play, Chromebooks, Gmail … all these wonderful services start with (and require) a Google Account.

Let’s see how to enter and enjoy this wonderful world of Google.

Check below the video we created for you and after reading what we need to tell you, just follow the steps described there in your own computer.

  • Left Click to play the video

    In specific parts of the video below, we pause the video in order to have the prroper time to read what we need to tell you. When done reading just left click on your mouse (or tap once on mobile devices) in order to move on!

  • Full Screen Video

    By clicking the icon you see you can make the video full screen and have no problem reading what we need to tell you!

  • Change the video resolution

    You can change the resolution of the video by clicking to the gear icon. Dont forget that you need a good connection to internet to fully enjoy it!

  • More info

    whenever you need to ask something don’t hesitate to contact us